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Maternal Emotional Wellbeing


Would you like to learn how to take care of yourself first to better nurture your love ones?

Would you like to create your own sustainable solution to overcome:

  • The Baby Blues

  • Mommy Anxiety

  • Mom Guilt

  • Mom Rage

  • The  Mental load of Motherhood

  • Parental Burnout

  • The " I am not a good enough mother" syndrome

  • or any other motherhood challenges you are experiencing...

I am here for you...

Whether it is for your personal ecology because the demands of your family, your work, your friends come before your own needs...or because everyday life with your kids is exhausting, screams predominate, dates with your other half are inexistent... and you don't know where to start to bring calm into your mind...


I am here for you...

As a Life Coach with expertise in Maternal Emotional Well-being I will hold a space for you to master how to maintain your mental & physical health.


Combining Active and Compassionate Listening with NLP* and others coaching techniques, I will be the mirror of your experiences, reading between your lines to bring you new insights and perspectives.


Together we will initiate changes and give you the tools to restore your emotional wellness while sustaining your family dynamic.


Our mission is that You Create your Harmony and Live a Life that look like You!

*Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a model of communication, how we communicate to self and others, and how that communication creates and affects our behaviour.

Each Package include a free 60 minutes discovery session. For info or Book in Contact me now

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