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Doula Services

As your Doula my role is to provide you with emotional, physical, informational & practical support. I do not provide medical assistance but I am passionate, trained and extraordinarily knowledgeable about pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and early years of parenthood.


My primary role is to simple be there for you, your baby, your partner and family during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

You are Unique...This is why you will first receive from me, a gift of a complementary 60 minutes session to talk through your needs. Discover below some options of what you can expect.

 01 - Prenatal Doula Support

Prenancy en blanc
  • Prenatal education : understanding pregnancy, birth, postpartum and feeding period. 

  • Debrief any concerns, expectations you may have for the upcoming birth, motherhood/parenthood journey.

  • Your ideal birth: help with your birth wishes/preferences/plan.

  • Assisting you with hospital admin papers and packing the bag.

  • Compassionate listening & restoring your confidence.

  • Showing you some relaxation techniques.

  • and more...

350 AED per session (90minutes)

02 -Signature Birth Doula Care

  • This is a 3 months complete service that include Doula assistance the day of the birth with no additional cost.

  • A complete package combining Prenatal, Birth, Postnatal & Infant feeding Doula support as described above, below plus the following:

  • Together we will go through your individual needs, guiding you to create your birth project and postpartum plan.

  • Help you to navigate the maternity system so you get to experience the birth that is right for you and your baby.

  • Offering you education following evidence based information to help you make informed choices about your pregnancy, birth and motherhood/parenting journey.

  •  Supporting you to advocate for yourself so that you feel in control and in the centre of your birth experience.

  • Holding you with respect and compassion so that you become a confident and independent mother.

  • and more...

5000 AED


03 -Post Natal Doula Support

  • Debrief your experience of birth while helping you to recover physically and emotionally.

  • Help with learning your baby cues and new born care.

  • Assisting you to establish confidence with breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

  • Supporting you with your own self-care like taking care of your baby while you are having a good meal or heart warming bath.

  • Compassionate listening & empowering you to follow your natural mothering instincts.

  • and more...

250 AED per session (90minutes)

04 -Mothering the Mother Ceremony

  • 3 hours ( 180 minutes ) Postpartum Signature Cares.

  • A peaceful setting where we hold the space for the new Mother to reflect on her birth story.

  • Perfect occasion where she can make an emotional and physical closure with the birth she has  experienced.

  • Techniques used are: active and compassionate listening, breathing relaxation, gentle aromatiques oils massage and more...

650 AED

Huiles Aromatheapy
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