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When mama turns her breakdowns into breakthroughs

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Hi fellow mama,

Thank you for paying attention to this blog. I am Pamela, mom and certified master life coach happily raising my tribe into the sunny, multicultural and family-friendly city of Abu Dhabi. Here, I discover the joys and the dramas of motherhood and created my coaching practice, MOMtivation. It's a safe space for all mothers who wish to bring their power back.

As a mom of 2 adorable and demanding small kids, running my business with passion, people are often asking me how do I manage to keep my energy positive? What is my secret to always look so comfortable in my motherhood while finding the time to help others navigate their momlife?

Well I will reply by sharing with you today through my 1st blogs’ article that motherhood is not all unicorns and beautiful babies’ milestones pictures...And I know, fellow mama, by reading the following detailed and "no taboo" revelations, you will relate to some of my mommy hood’s breakdowns here.

◦ Have you ever crashed down or burnout?

◦ Have you ever thought you will not be able to get pregnant?

◦ Have you ever had a miscarriage and beaten yourself up for that?

◦ Have you ever felt anxious about not being a good mom during your pregnancy?

◦ Have you ever felt clueless on how to raise educate or handle your child?

◦ Have you ever felt you were failing as a mother?

◦ Have you ever felt you were constantly juggling going to one task to another and that it was never ending?

◦ Have you ever slept half seated every night for 14 days in the row with your baby on your chest?

◦ Have you ever thought chronic sleep deprivation will be your new-normal?

◦ Have you ever let your newborn cried alone in his/her crib because you have been told is good for babies and so they can learn how to sleep without your help and you were suffering in another room?

◦ Have you ever felt guilty because you do co-sleeping with your child?

◦ Have ever been looked at when breastfeeding your little one?

◦ Have you ever felt judge when saying your baby sleep breastfeeding?

◦ Have you ever faced a situation(s) when you didn’t know how to help your kid?

◦ Have you ever left your toddler alone on screen just so you can finish a work project?

◦ Have you ever faked it in public on your parenting style in order to fit in socially?

◦ Have you ever lost your confidence? your self-esteem? doubted on yourself?

◦ Have you ever wished to be like another mama you know?

◦ Have you ever thought you were not a good mom?

◦ Have you ever been comforting yourself more than usual with junk food when your children are sleeping at night?

◦ Have you ever disliked your post-partum body?

◦ Have you ever suffered from mom-shaming from your self-talk, a family member, a stranger or a friend?

◦ Have you ever been asked when are you starting to diet right after delivery?

◦ Have you ever been asked when are you going back to work while you are a stay at home mom?

◦ Have you ever felt guilty or cried when leaving your kids to pursue your career?

◦ Have you ever felt guilty on putting your needs first and your children's need second?

◦ Have you ever sacrificed on your needs one time, 2 times, 3 times, multiple times?

◦ Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt weak and worthless?

◦ Have you ever cried alone for no reason for a whole day? during one week? One month? One year or more?

◦ Have you ever believed you will not be able to pursue your career while being a mother?

◦ Have you ever wished you did not have kids so you can be free?

◦ Have you ever spent 48h or more without taking a shower?

◦ Have you ever been able to brush your teeth, to pee, to poo, shower, shampoo and get dress is 15 min while having your babies with you in the bathroom and under your care? Oh yes since then it is your new-normal…

◦ Have you ever been immersed so deep in your motherhood that you forgot you were also a wife?

◦ Have you ever wondered when was the last time you had sex or a date or being just the 2 of you with your other half?

◦ Have you ever felt like your partner was not the one you met before having children?

◦ Have your ever thought or talk about divorce right after having your first baby?

The list can go on but I will stop here for today. I am sharing this raw motherhood testimony to let you know, mama that you are not alone! We are all going through similar failures and yet mom life has million joys and rewards for us. Yes, I have been through rough time and still, yet I am glad I experienced all of that. Breakdowns are good as they show us that we are human after all and that something is not going well for our own sake. Therefore, we must take the necessary actions to bring our happiness back.

So how did I transform my breakdowns into breakthroughs?

I have tried many solutions to soften mothers’ challenges. From readings, to joining mums' group, exercising to meditation... And what have made a difference is Life Coaching.

Using coaching techniques had and still help me not only to bring back my mental sanity but also to build and maintain a lasting mindset to process my breakdowns so that I can thrive in all areas of my life. Seeing that this way, motherhood has enabled me to build and to keep my resilience. It supplies my daily positive energy. It is the best school I have found for self-growth as a woman.

And as a Master Coach passionate about lifting up all mothers, I can assure you, dear fellow mama, that motherhood breakdowns will always bring you the best breakthroughs of your life.

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Pamela Mom Coach
Pamela Mom Coach
Jul 05, 2020

Hi Maya, Thank for sharing your view. I am glad you enjoyed this article. And yes all our stories are different, but same! Please stick around for more to come on this journey called motherhood. Kindly share with another mama who might need this. 🙏🏾💋


Maya Hall
Maya Hall
Jul 05, 2020

All true! I’ve been a mum for 8 years and it never stops to amaze me how the most challenging days with the kids help me discover how to become a better mother.

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